Summer 2003

A perfect weather, a serene seaside: lay down on the beach and enjoy the heat. This artwork invites viewers into the artist's childhood memories, which resonate today with a haunting joy.

Inspired by a place in Bretagne where the artist spent every summer as a child, this tableau is like an old postcard that lingered too long in the sun, gradually losing its shine. Through its faded hues and haunting imagery, the artwork intertwines personal recollections with broader societal concerns.

The warm waves of nostalgia blend with anxieties about an uncertain future shaped by climate change. The summer of 2003 was struck by one of France's first major heatwaves, leaving an indelible mark as the first scorching season. Seamlessly blending nostalgia and melancholy, it invites to ponder the complex emotions of the impact of global warming on our treasured summertime vacations.