" The Orient Express company wishes you a fine trip aboard its legendary train with its splendid decor. Discover the great natural spaces and the beauty of the landscapes without suffering from the summer heat waves. A luxurious journey to escape global warming and rest aboard our air-conditioned wagons"

Even aboard the most beautiful train in the world, the pursuit of a better life in a bright future becomes a long funeral journey.

I put in this artwork all my sincere anxieties of an uninhabitable planet, an unlivable future and the fear of perpetual crushing heat. It is predicted that we are going to live a century of great changes, turned upside down by numerous migrations of populations, through the lands of the East and West. The poorest as well as the richest will be in search of a promised land.

In this artwork, the journey seems infinite. The destination is surely inaccessible, perhaps non-existent, and the promise of a life-saving technology also seems to have flown away.

This artwork was selected for the NFT Art Prize in 2023