"L'atelier" is an allegory of my life as a contemporary artist, it might be one of my most personal artwork to this day.

Inspired by the architecture of my atelier in Lyon, I've gathered in this piece many details of my life, objects, artworks, feelings, inspiration, to create an ideal sanctuary, a visual imagery of my personal journey in the art world.

Inspired by the great painting at the musée d'Orsay called "L'atelier du peintre" by Gustave Courbet, every detail of this painting is meaningful because our environment tells the story of who we are. Even if the atelier of a digital artist is quite a different environment than Courbet's atelier, all the brushes, pencils, palettes, lights and drapery are condensed in a single computer, for me the creative atmosphere remains intact.

This atelier is is the vessel that leads me forward as art is for me the greatest path to find beauty in the unknown and go behind the horizon.

This artwork was created for the Digital Art Prize in 2024